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Who We Are

At Idelic, We Are A Mixture Of Technology And Industry, Business And Design.

We have big ideas and work hard to make them game-changing realities. We get to know the customers we help and strive to feel and understand the impact that we make on their lives and business. That’s who we are and that’s what we look for.

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"Idelic has created a culture where every employee plays a crucial role. I am able to work on exciting projects that challenge my creativity and have co-workers committed to the continued success of the company."

-Aedan Marty

Who We Want

We Are Looking For Intelligent, Hard Working, And Capable People, Of Course.

More importantly, we attract genuinely interested individuals who love to dive into complex and interesting problems, work as a team, and make solutions to change lives. Transportation is one of the largest and most relied upon industries in the world, and what we do makes a difference.


Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)


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