Industry knowledge meets
Product innovation

Out of the need for a comprehensive safety, compliance, and risk management system, Pitt Ohio Express started to create an in-house solution for their own personal and apparent needs over a decade ago. They needed a way to have all the information around their drivers in one place to predict at-risk behaviors and prescribe action before accidents happen. From this, SafetyBox was born.

Over the years, additional functionality and automation was added, making solutions for 

all facets of a fleet safety team. As tremendous results were proven and awards won, SafetyBox started to garner the attention of the industry as a whole, and fleets came calling to get these benefits as well. Pitt Ohio started selling the product to others, but quickly realized that commercializing software was outside the scope of their expertise and sought outside help. This help came in Idelic.

With expertise in product development and software support, Idelic has taken over 

SafetyBox and its commercialization and added other products and services to the Safety Suite.

Now as the owner of the product, Idelic has built on top of the industry knowledge and has infused cutting-edge design and technology to better enhance the user experience and give unparalleled products and services to the transportation industry.